Discover - PR 15 Ribeira da Janela Footpath

PR 15 Ribeira da Janela Footpath

PR 15 Ribeira da Janela Footpath

Start: E.R.209 (Curral Falso)
Finish: Ribeira da Janela 
Time: 1h30m
Distance: 2.7 km

This route links the settlement of Ribeira da Janela and the forested area above it, ranging at altitudes between 400 & 820 metres. It begins at regional highway 209, in the area of Curral Falso, and ends at the same highway in the settlement of Ribeira da Janela. 

This path follows the remnants of an old footpath used by the inhabitants when fetching wood from the forest, which was essential for their daily lives. It was also the path used by the inhabitants to connect them with settlements on the south side of the island, mainly Calheta and Ponta do Sol. Robust young men climbed the mountain slopes, their backs laden with barrels or goatskins filled with wine to be sold and/or traded for other goods. 

At Ribeira da Janela you can come in contact with this traditional and unique agricultural area with its typical terraced farm plots, held in place by laboriously built stone walls, where sweet potatoes, potatoes, beans, maize and the indispensable vineyards of Ribeira da Janela are cultivated. 

The houses are scattered among the terraces, from the mouth of the stream to an altitude of 400 metres, with the church located halfway up the slope. The settlement’s name, Ribeira da Janela, comes from the name of Madeira’s longest waterway, which runs about 15.7 km.

This is a good location for seeing the Madeira long-toed pigeon (Columba trocaz), an endemic bird exclusive to Madeira. During the migratory seasons, some migrating bird species may be seen in the mouth of Ribeira da Janela as they pass through: the little egret (Egretta garzetta), the purple heron (Ardea purpurea), and mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos).

This trail connects with PR 14 –Cedros Levada and PR 13 – Fanal Footpath, both of which lead to the area of Fanal.

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