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Igreja do Colégio

Igreja do Colégio

When the Jesuits were given permission to settle on the island, they started a college and a church that would serve as their residence and at the same time would be devoted to teaching, learning and religious practice.

The building was completed in 1647, but the decorating went on until the early 18th century.

Its architectural style as well as its frescoes and carved and gilded work are Mannerist in inspiration. Later works, namely the carved wood panels in the chapels of Saint Anthony and Saint Michael Archangel, the sculptures in the façade and the «azulejo» panels are examples of the baroque influence that prevailed until the 18th century.

Igreja do Colégio is referred to as one of the most beautiful churches ever built on the island in the 17th century, and its architecture combines perfectly with the city’s urban landscape.