Discover - Parque Municipal do Monte

Parque Municipal do Monte

Parque Municipal do Monte

Area: 25,000 square metres

It is a reference at Monte. Largo da Fonte is the main point of interest, particularly the plane trees that shade the famous Fountain of the Virgin, a place of great devotion for the people of Madeira and where the statue of Nossa Senhora do Monte is kept.

Between Largo da Fonte and Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte there is a nice pond with fish and ducks and, in the middle, a map of Madeira made of stone.

Below Largo da Fonte is Ribeiro de Santa Maria that runs through the flower beds in the lower part of the garden and then cascades down at its south end.

Some endemic trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants were planted in the lower area of Parque Municipal do Monte and can be viewed from the walkways that circle around the entire park.