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Cable cars

Cable cars

A number of cable cars and scenic elevators have been built providing access to remote, hard to reach areas of the island and offering magnificent views of the landscape.

- Achadas da Cruz (Porto Moniz):
Links Achadas da Cruz to its pebbled beach, “flying over” beautiful farmed terraces;

- Funchal-Monte:
It was inaugurated in November of 2000. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, beginning at Jardim Almirante Reis, in the old part of town, and ending in Monte, by the Jardim Tropical Monte Palace. Enjoy dramatic panoramic views of the sea, of Funchal bay and of the surrounding green mountains;

- Monte-Jardim Botânico:
This journey offers visitors a panoramic view of Funchal bay and of the wonderful valley of Ribeira de João Gomes and of its important nucleus of Laurisilva forest. The access to levadas walks of Tornos, Bom Sucesso and Curral dos Romeiros is also easier;

- Rancho:
Near Cabo Girão, this cable car descends from Rancho to the Fajãs of Cabo Girão with its farmed terraces and nice, small beach;

- Santana:
Set in the northern coast of Santana, its journey lasts approximately 5 minutes and takes you down to Fajã da Rocha do Navio, where you will find vineyards, banana plantations and Rocha do Navio, one of Madeira’s protected Natural Reserves.

- Fajã dos Padres:
It descends down a huge cliff to the secluded cove of Fajã dos Padres. Visitors can enjoy an extensive view of Madeira’s southern coast as far as Ponta do Sol, contemplate the bay of the small fajã, or simply gaze at the ocean as far as the eye can see.