Events - Madeira Auto Parade

Madeira Auto Parade

April 29th

Madeira Auto Parade

Organized by the Association "The Classic Motor Exhibition" - ACME and the Clube Carocha da Madeira, the Regional Secretariat of Tourism and Culture and Madeira Tourism Board promotes the "Madeira Auto Parade" an event integrated in the Flower Festival activities.

This event intends to present the glamour of classic vehicles and motorcycles, combined with the flowers of Madeira. This event is one of the largest exhibitions, and national restoration and elegance contests, an opportunity to admire some of the best vehicles and auto parts in Madeira.

The programmed itinerary is similar main flower float parade, starting at Praça da Autonomia, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (south lane), til Francisco Sá Carneiro roundabout, passing at Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, till the roundabout of the Port of Funchal, where the participating automobiles will be placed in display. The Madeira Auto Parade integrates vehicles including classic cars and motorcycles, which will circulate in pairs, a parade filled with moments of pure entertainment, colour and beauty with performances by various musical bands and pageants dressed in costumes inspired by the flowers of Madeira.

Av. do Mar - Funchal