Discover - Quinta da Palmeira

Quinta da Palmeira

Quinta da Palmeira

Area: 40,000 square metres

Quinta da Palmeira is located above Rua da Levada de Santa Luzia, between Rua da Torrinha and Ribeiro da Carne Azeda.

After many complications, the quinta was bought by Harry Hinton, an Englishman who took an interest on Madeira’s agriculture, trade and industry. Hinton made an extension to the house, opened a road for cars up to Rua da Levada de Santa Luzia, extended the garden and started to grow new plants.

A set of large trees bear witness to the botanical and landscape quality of this garden. Among them are a great number of giant strelitzias.

In the southern part of the garden, terraces covered with lawns line flower beds filled with colourful flowers, from roses to white-lilies, morning glory, pansies, poppies, lilies, bougainvillea, etc.

Birds and raptors can also be viewed in this garden.
Equally noteworthy is the manueline stone window known as Columbus’ Window, believed to have come from the house where Christopher Columbus stayed when he lived in Funchal. 
Last but not least, the fine «azulejo» benches and the panel dedicated to Rainha Santa Isabel are also worth visiting.