Discover - Jardim de Santa Luzia

Jardim de Santa Luzia

Jardim de Santa Luzia

Area: 13,700 square metres

This garden is in the same spot where once stood the Fábrica do Torreão, a sugar-cane mill. When the mill was shut down in the early 1980’s, the entire area of the mill needed to be rehabilitated.

Jardim de Santa Luzia opened as a public park in September 2004. Its vast central lawn area includes a children’s play area and some examples of Madeiran flora. The brick chimney of the old mill was kept and next to it there is a waterfall that feeds down into the pond. There is also a café with outdoor seating and a small open-air amphitheatre. The only machine left from the old mill at Torreão is on display in the garden.