Discover - Jardim Tropical Monte Palace

Jardim Tropical Monte Palace

Jardim Tropical Monte Palace

Area: 67,500 square metres

The history of this garden, with its remarkable variety of flowers and plants, spans more than two hundred years.

The estate was sold in 1987 to José Manuel Rodrigues Berardo (Joe Berardo), who formed Fundação Berardo, the charitable foundation that bears his name.

The garden opened to the public on the 5th October, 1991 renamed Jardim Tropical Monte Palace.

Ever since it was sold to José Berardo, new exotic plants brought from different countries (cycads and proteas from South Africa, azaleas from Belgium, urzes, a type of heather, from Scotland, etc.), and Madeiran endemic plants (Laurissilva forest - fern, cedar and laurel trees, etc.) have been added.

Visitors can also take great pleasure in feeling the exotic atmosphere of its Buddhist-inspired oriental gardens.

The lakes that complement the garden’s floristic heritage are filled with beautiful, colourful Koi fish brought from China. In the bigger lake, near the palace, elegant white swans glide lazily.

Also on show are some magnificent panels of «azulejos», the arches, portals, stone windows and coats of arms from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, as well as a renaissance retable and a «Manueline» window and niche.

The museum - Museu Monte Palace – has two permanent exhibitions: a large collection of Zimbabwean stone sculpture and an amazing collection of minerals from Brazil, Portugal, South Africa, Zambia, Peru, Argentine and North America.

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