Discover - PR 14 Cedros Footpath

PR 14 Cedros Footpath

PR 14 Cedros Footpath

Start: E.R. 209 (Fanal)
Finish: E.R. 209 (Curral Falso) 
Time: 3h
Distance: 5.8 km  

This trail begins at Regional Highway E.R. 209 next to the well-known area of Fanal on the Paúl da Serra plateau and follows the Cedros Levada until it reaches the parish of Ribeira da Janela.

Take advantage of the magnificent area of Fanal, a small volcanic hollow classified as an Area of Rest and Quiet by the Madeira Nature Park, to enjoy a good dose of relaxation therapy. Here you will find marvellous groves of centuries-old Madeira laurel (Ocotea foetens), including some specimens that still remain and predate  the discovery of the island.

The Cedros Levada originates in the springs of Lombo do Cedro, at an altitude of 1000 metres, located on the slopes of the right bank of the Ribeira da Janela stream. Built in the 17th century, this levada is today one of the oldest watercourses on the island, it is soil excavated and is lined with stone only in areas where the soil is more porous.

This walk passes through an area of primitive Madeira forest, which is in a lively & thriving state of conservation and development. The Laurisilva forest, classified as World Nature Heritage by UNESCO in 1999 is also an integral part of the European Network of Sites of Community Importance – Natura 2000 Network.

Along the way, you will encounter an evolution in the size of the indigenous species. Species such as the Madeira laurel (Ocotea foetens), Lily-of-the-Valley tree (Clethra foetens), Laurel (Laurus azorica), Madeira mahogany (Persea indica), and Madeira blueberry (Vaccinium padifolium) are in their full splendour.

From the start, the route of the Cedros Levada follows the steep slope of the right bank of the Ribeira da Janela to the parish of Entrosa, from whence it veers off in a northerly direction until its end at Curral Falso.  This trail leads to PR 15 – the Ribeira da Janela Footpath, which gives access to the neighbouring settlement.